FROM THE TEAM THAT PRODUCED NEWS GOO AND MEDIA WARS. Polarity/1 And Danny Schechter Present: THE HOME SWEET HOME PROJECT “Restructure Loans, Save Our Homes”. A political awareness project by musician/producer Polarity/1 (Polar Levine) and “News Dissector'" Danny Schechter, the director of IN DEBT WE TRUST and author of the forthcoming book PLUNDER: INVESTIGATING OUR ECONOMIC CALAMITY (Cosimo 2008). Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home Home Sweet Home, composed in 1823 by Sir Henry Bishop and Howard Payne, is one of the most recognized songs in America, speaking to the centerpiece of the American Dream: our homes. Today three and half million families face foreclosure. We are creating new versions of the classic Home Sweet Home in the hope that these 'new' songs will become a nationwide call-to-action to challenge to the mortgage brokers and the Wall Street bankers who are responsible for the dispossession and losses suffered by so many homeowners. Billions were made with subprime mortgages and other predatory loans. We appeal to artists from every genre of music to create their own versions of Home Sweet Home and submit them to this site for posting. We appeal to radio stations to play these songs and to all organizations fighting for economic justice to use them as a tool to mobilize the country for debt relief. The homes we save may be our own.