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Yankin' The Food Chain is a genre-bending organism with a head full of singer/songwriter and a butt full of groove science from funk/hip hop to pan African World Beat. It's been re-mastered and re-released summer/08.
News Goo (The More You Watch, The less You Know) has found its way on the soundtracks of two films about media. It's been played regularly for the past seven years by Amy Goodman on her Democracy Now syndicated broadcasts and has been downloaded by numerous college professors as a teaching aid for their classes on journalism and media. Another song, Di Hard, received a full page review in Recording Magazine.
Composed, performed and produced by Polar with guest appearances by The Greatest Guitar Player In the World Pete McCann, ex-Prince bass player Scott Parker Allen, percussionist Joe Cardello and Brazilian Girls vocalist Sabina Sciubba.
"Polarity/1 released a remastered version of his album Yankin the Food Chain which offers some tight beats and political raps especially on 'News Goo'. You can see the intense style switch in the 'Salesman" - liam g, Quiet Color